New Urbanism

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New Urbanism is a major movement in planning and architecture that started in the 1980s to revitalize failing and decaying inner city areas and change the concept of how good a city can be.  It is one of the most influential movements in sustainable neighbourhoods and cities in North America and offers a wide range of practical tools and perspectives.

  • The Congress for New Urbanism – The CNU are the leading group in the New Urbanism movement and this site offers a wealth of information on it.
  • Better Cities and Towns – this is the site of a publishing organization that is focused on New Urbanism and related topics and has a large blog with many contributors.
  • Duany Plater Zyberk (DPZ) – This is the home site of the architectural firm that led the rise of New Urbanism, Neo-Traditional Neighbourhoods and more recently Agricultural and Agrarian Urbanism as well as other movements.